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One World Resale

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One World Resale

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Every year 9.6 Billion tons of furniture ends up in landfills.  One world Resale is literally saving the Earth one piece of furniture at a time but stemming the flow of beautiful saleable furniture into landfills and extending the retail life cycle of sustainable goods.  One World Resale works with Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and e-tailers to save and resell their canceled orders, customer returns, closeouts, discontinued items and floor samples.  In the past, furniture would simply be destroyed or thrown in a landfill because it cost the vendors 3x the value of the furniture to return ship it, process it and resell it.  One World Resale is making it easy for vendors by doing this work for them, thus eliminating the cost barrier for vendors while helping these companies create a new revenue stream, decrease Cost of Goods Sold and operating expenses, increasing their new customer acquisition rate (by up to 25%) and adopt a sustainable reputation. One World Resale prides itself on its sustainable business model and its efforts to combat the global climate crisis.  So far One World Resale has saved more than 11 million pounds of furniture from landfills and we are dedicated to increase that number to 100 million tons in the next 5 years.Not only does One World Resale strive to reach a more sustainable world, but One World Resale also has the privilege of working with customers all over the nation, who previously did not have access to or were unable to afford such beautiful high-end furniture, create the spaces of their dreams.

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